I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 56

Lǚ , Itinerant troops

  In every country, even far away from home, one finds the same universal rules. Human rules can differ fundamentally, but the voice of the gods is everywhere the same.
  Who hears these voices can speak all languages on earth, he will find safety and a home wherever he is. God and Allah and Manitou and Buddha all come from the same source, only the names are different. So speak and behave from out this source, and accept the human rules as being part of the local landscape. Adapt to them with extra care, to make up for being unfamiliar with them.
  In every unknown and new situation, behave like being in a strange country.


LÜ: Two (or many) men (4) under a flag (2) or maybe a tree (3). It resembles the right part of hex.1's name, but here it has probably nothing to do with trees.  LÜ: travel; stay away from home, troop, itinerant troops, an army division of 500 men, multitude, retainers, many, younger men of the family, arrange in a series, one after the other, set forth, extol.r

The trigrams: Fire above Mountain:
High on the mountain there is fire: Itinerant troops. The noble one is clear minded and cautious in imposing punishment and does not protract lawsuits.
The individual (Mountain) manifest himself (Fire), which can be quite dangerous when surroundings are not coöperative or positive. Mountain is everything which has its own unique qualities, it can be a person, an enterprise, an idea, and many other things. For all of them it is important to reckon with surroundings and circumstances. They don't fit in with the rest of the world just like that. They all have to find a path which is essentially their own and yet doesn't get them into a war with everything else.

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