I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Fēng, hexagram 55

The garrison-city of Wen

  Sometimes somebody has a grand vision, so big that he can win all for his plans. The real secret of his success is not just the vision, it relies on his guts, his ability to convince, his trustworthiness, the power of his actions and most of all on the mandate of Heaven.
  Nowadays we call that good luck, but why then do some people have good luck all the time, and others never? Follow those who seem to be subscribed to good luck. Their good fortune will be yours too.
  How does one find that luck oneself? Not just with the guts and trustworthiness and all, not only by going on even where the road seems impossible. A big part is being prepared, reading all signs available, finding helpers and organizing the battles.


FENG: Ears of grain or shoots of foliage (1) and below either a threshing floor (2) or a ritual vessel (3). Like an ancient picture of a cornucopia. It was the name of Wen's city, from there he prepared to attack the Shang and their evil king.
FENG: a kind of ritual vessel, loan for luxuriant, abundant, plentiful; bounteous.

The trigrams: Fire below Thunder
Thunder and fire arrive together: abundance. The noble one decides lawsuits and carries out punishments.
 When everything is completely clear, every detail of the situation, the strength and dedication of your allies, the strategy of your actions, then you can come forth and give birth to big things. Before King Wen and his son Wu started, they looked at all good or bad omens by scrutinizing the sun and the stars, looking for signs of heaven. This hexagram is maybe the oldest record of looking at sunspots and interpreting them. Fire - the sun - and Thunder - the very first signs, the seeds of what will happen.

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