I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 51

Zhèn, Shock

  The shock that starts a new time, a new period, a new life, or a new look on (attitude towards) life.
  Repeated shocks are necessary, because the new does not stay new, it gets loaded again with securities. Time after time one has to renew the universal laws within oneself, get in contact again with the cosmic forces, cosmic truth.
  It is the appearance of the signs.


  ZHÈN: The upper part (1) of the character is rain, the lower part (2) is probably a hoe. It represents a period of time of a cycle (clearing land, harvest), occasion, the decisive moment, 5th branch of the zodiac. Hoeing maybe ancient slang for screwing? 
  ZHÈN: to shake, vibrate, tremble, as an earthquake; excite, shock, scared, terrified, awe inspiring, thunder, thunderclap, to quicken, to become pregnant.
The charater at left has been put together by myself. The parts are correct, but I don't know if they exist together in this form. See hex.51.

  The trigrams: Thunder repeated:
  Repeated thunder: shocks. The noble one through anxiousness and fear sets in order and examines.
  Thunder electrifies, and it does so literally: it fills the air with ions. They wake up, not only seeds, but also the mind. Ions are tiny units of energy. Thundering water also produces them, which is why waterfalls are so popular for honeymoons and thunderstorms are symbols of the moment hero and heroine finally "do it".

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