I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 48

Jĭng, The well

  Life is psychogenic. If there is an inner spring, everything receives refreshing water. To make life alive, there must be a source.
  So dig a well, keep it clean and drink from it, then the water will always be fresh and pure. Don’t depend on an occasional shower, it works only temporarily, when it is over, everything will dry up again. But your own well never dries up. The source is always there, but it will only fill the well if it is being taken care of. 
  Never leave the place where your well is situated.


JING: The character represents a well curb, the wooden or stone frame of a well or of a mine-entrance. Some say it is the way of dividing the fields among 8 families, in the center is a common field with the well.
JING: well.

The trigrams: above wood there is water:
Above wood there is water, a well.  The noble one encourages the toiling people to stand by each other.
Water is the soul. If on the outside, it is the soul you share with others. Your empathy, connection, and also their feelings towards you and each other. Wood is influence and growth, it is the source of the well of your inspiration. If you share a well with others, you can work and live together in harmony.

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