I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 43

Guài, The speaking staff

  Speaking out one’s conviction, or holding up one's dignity, can be a dangerous venture, but it is necessary for a clean and healthy heart – and it may also benefit the rest of the world.
  Don’t keep still, but take care. Evaluate the possibilities and if it is necessary. Avoid fighting; there are better ways that give more results. Reckon with people’s ability to understand – or their not being able to. And especially with the reactions of those in power. Nobody will benefit by your losing your head.


Guài: The character consists of a hand holding up an object: a signet ring or a tablet with the owners credentials. The emperor gave half of a tablet to his trustees. This half was their token of identity and rank.  GUÀI: parted, to fork, certain; secret signs made with the fingers; archer's thimble. With radical water: to open a passage.

The trigrams: Lake above Heaven:
Heaven is creativity, urge, action and the law of timing. If one has all this inside, and towards the outside social Lake, one can change the world of man. But be careful, changes always include danger and jealousy. So speak up when there are things which have to be said, but choose the right moment and place.

The image of the two trigrams can be seen as a cloud above (or high in) heaven, which releases its rain without asking anything in return, without making any difference for whom the rain is. "The noble one gives a salary to those below, he stays in virtue and so aloof". He speaks his words, without reckoning with political correctness or personal ties, he speaks his truth. He does reckon though with timing, and with the receptivity or lack thereof of the people who hear.

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