I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Yì, hexagram 42

The bowl of the raingod

  Effectuating a sacrifice means to 'make holy'. Making your acts, your life or the gifts you receive, holy, means to increase.
  A great thought, which is not being put into practice, will never reach the Gods. But if you cook your food with reverence in your own little pot, the vapors will ascend to Heaven.
  And put out all your pot and pans, so you will catch every drop of rain. One little shower brings a lot of drops. Without a pot, even torrents of refreshing water will drain away unused.
  For every blessing, you have to bring along a pot.


  YÌ: on oracle bones ‘effectuate the sacrifice’. W-Zhou: to give, to grant, grant an honorary title.
  Augment, increase, add, raise, advantage, profit(able), come too, more, in a higher degree, progressively, help, support, abundant, fill, flow over; proud, exaggerate, excess. The character is a bowl with water. It might simply be containing water, or it might flow over, or cook over, or the water might be steam rising up from the boiling contents, or maybe water 'into' the pot. 
  YÌ: advantage, benefit; good; beneficial; profitable, all the more; even more.

  The trigrams: Wind above Thunder:
  Wind and Thunder (tempest) increase. When the noble one sees good, his rule is to improve, when there are transgressions, his rule is to reform.
  The only way to receive blessings, is to make yourself the best you can be. Completely honest, free from fear, enmity, jealousy or anger. The way you were born - when the gods created you. They cherish that innocent inner child and the courage and love it shows both in facing the world and shaping it.

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