I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Sŭn hexagram 41

The empty cauldron

  Get rid of all conditioning and forms. You think you need them for being present in the world, for being visible, being you. But what they do is hide you. They hide your soul, your essence, your creativity, and they can even destroy all this.
  If you dare to be your naked self, you will be amazed how great and rich it is. Diminishing is augmenting. Only an empty cauldron can receive others and blessings.
  An empty mind is able to do anything. No forms means no limits, no dogma means no restrictions. No future means eternity, no past means no guilt.
  Let go in order to find.


  SUN. At left a hand seen from above: the palm (1), and at right a cauldron, a ding (3) with a circle (2), meaning round or empty. In all ages, long before any arithmetic, the circle indicated already 'empty', hollow, nothing, zero. The hand is a special form, meaning to clasp one's hands and to bow with reverence.
  But of course empty has two sides: the space where one can receive - or the lack of substance. SUN: decrease; damage; harm; lose, be mean/shabby, be sarcastic/caustic.

The trigrams: Lake below Mountain:
At the foot of the mountain is a marsh: diminishing. The noble one controls anger and restrains passion.
The Lake or marsh is the place where life is abundant, every creature meets every other creature, it is for humans, animals and plants the most social place imaginable. Here one has to adapt or to learn assertiveness, one can exchange, have joy together or fight. If this world is living inside the Mountain, the individual, then one doesn't let oneself go without restraint. One knows this world has rules, and if one ignores them, one calls misfortune on oneself.

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