I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Jiě, hexagram 40

Take the horns

  Freedom is to be innocent.
  Guilt is the most massive prison wall there is. It makes you do, think and be what others prescribe.
  If you think yourself something should be done, then do it. If not, then don’t – and don’t let anyone point at you and make a feeling of guilt in you. And never do that yourself. Making guilt is a crime against life.
  Stay free and leave free.


JIE: Two hands (1) remove the horn (2) of a cow. Dan Stackhouse says it is taken to be used as a marlinspike, to disentangle rope and such. Or maybe removing the horns means, to remove the aggressiveness. Horns can be aggressiveness or defensiveness, macho or status: blowing one's own trumpet/horn. 
JIE: to unfasten, untie, loosen, undo, get rid of; solve; explain, clarify, interpret; understand. Explanation, interpretation; idea, view. To break up, separate, disperse; to take off, to strip; to relieve, to alleviate (pain etc); to cut apart, dissect, dissolve, discharge (water etc), defecate, to forward, send, hand over to.

  The trigrams: Water below Thunder:
  Thunder and rain at work: release. The noble one pardons transgressions and is lenient towards crimes.
  Water is symbol of the soul. If your actions and feelings come straight from your soul, without preconceptions or restrictions, they will have empathy and honesty. Because you are free, you can find ways to solve problems, shift paradigms, refresh ideas.

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