I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Míng Yí, hexagram 36

Brightness and Leveling

To be what you really are, to live the life that belongs to you. That is what everybody wants, but most spoil it because they think it is enough to do just that. Open and impulsive they jump into life, only to find out that everything and everybody counteracts. Hide your light, so nobody can blow it out. Be careful and modest in everything you do and show, not to evoke obstructions. Do not deny obstructive forces, explore them and recognize them, so you know what measures to take or how to circumvent them. When the trees in an industrial region turned black from the smoke, the butterflies turned black too .. and survived.


   MING. Sun (2) and moon (1): brightness, clear, intelligent, understand, illustrate, cleanse.  YI, the second character, is a man with a string-arrow (or maybe just an arrow). 
   Ming-Yi is also the sun after sunset, below the horizon: injured brightness. 
   YI: barbarous tribes on the East; often used for any foreigner. Peaceful, pleased, at ease, level, even, just, common, usual, ordinary. Kill, exterminate, injured. Grades, classes. 
   About hex.35 and 36

The trigrams: Fire below Earth:
Brightness enters into the earth : hiding brightness. The noble one governs the masses using darkness and also brightness.
Fire is the trigram of extreme individuality, showing who and what you really are. Earth makes space for everyone and everything, nurtures and supports. With Fire you are careful who you nurture, what you trust, and what you show of yourself. A sparrow should not trust a cat, a cat should not trust a coyote. Adapt yourself to circumstances, don't expose yourself to harm, courage without intelligence serves nobody.

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