I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Jìn, hexagram 35

The Gift

  Prosperity does not arrive by itself, it visits the people with the right attitude. The one who always carries along arrows is probably the only one who comes home from a walk with a rabbit for dinner. The lord of Kang grasped the opportunity of a gift to breed a meadow full of horses. The first one who sees a gap in the market builds up the multinational.  Grasp the small chances, do not wait for the big one to arrive, stay alert with eyes and ears and hands ready, and a quiver filled with arrows.


JÌN: The character represents two arrows (1) being put into a container (2), or on a support, being brought forward, presented. It might be like the saying of having enough arrows in one's quiver. Yet another possibility is: a representation of Kang Hou mating his horses three times a day. In that case (1) would be a phallus or lingam and (2) a vulva or joni. JÌN: promote; a dynasty (265-420); progress, enter; advance.
About this hexagram and its characters see 'origins'

The trigrams: Fire over the Earth:
Brightness comes up above the earth, advance. The noble one displays his bright character himself.
Who has the nurturing power of the earth and also the power to bring that into reality, can make small seeds grow into great things. Fire is visible reality, fire manifests, shows, arranges and organizes.

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