I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Dà Guò, hexagram 28

Across the great pass

  Life is a cycle, it is circular. It begins, it grows, and it goes down again. To make life a straight road to a distant future is a desperate attempt of human mind to make it never-ending. It will not help him – inevitably he will go down some day.
  But if man accepts going down is a substantial, important and good part of life, not a decline but an indispensable phase, then he makes his living days twice as many.
  Do not live like an old man or an old woman, live like a grand old man, a grand old lady. Without regret or fear, but with the riches of wisdom and experience.
  This applies to everything, to enterprises, feelings, popularity. In everything all phases are important.


  DàGuò: The character 1 represents a man: a big one. The second character is a pass in a mountain, also meaning the completion of an action. 2 the steps, 3 the foot, together the crossing. 4 Is a skeleton.In guo there is a mouth added; one of its other meanings is a distorted or wry mouth, or with a cleft palate: the opening between the mountains, a pass.
  Dà Guò is a great pass in a mountain, it means to go beyond the proper limit, surplus. A passing which is usually irreversible. It is used for serious transgressions, especially regarding rules, like in a school or army. But also in a positive sense: surpassing others with an asset. Better or smarter. It means also to transfer accounts and the transition from active life to old age.

The trigrams: Wind below lake.
  The marsh submerges the trees: Great excess. The noble one stands alone without fear, retreats from the world without melancholy.
  You have to follow the rules of the world - or follow your own laws. The first option is smart, the second is courageous or criminal, depends.

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