I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun

Dà Chù, hexagram 26

Raising big cattle

 Tame and feed the big animals, take good care of the big harvest and store it in a safe place. Your life needs the big values, the harvests of man that survive the eras. Love has to be universal love. If it does not rely on eternal values, one cannot even call it love. But even the small things one does every day need the eternal deeds of the gods as example. Always, everywhere, one encounters signs of the big animals, even if one sees only a footprint, or hears a rumor.
  Gather the signs, store them, and save them in your soul. Tame the big bulls for plowing your fields and for riding on them in everyday life.


 DÀ: big, see hex.14. CHÙ: according to W-Hy bolas, an ancient throwing weapon (2), with the symbol for hunting (3), Li Leyi p.389 says: silk (2) and field (3): the harvest of silk and crops. GSR366: (2) means dark-colored, black. Later use: mystic, mysterious.   CHU: animal, livestock. Pronounced as xù: rear or raise (livestock or children), nourish, support, cherish. Da chu: big cattle. Xù is exchangeable with the same character with 'plants' added: collect, store, save up, hoard, reserve, accumulate, restrain, rear, breed.

 The trigrams: Heaven below mountain.
 The noble one knows many former words and deeds and proceedings, in order to accumulate his virtue.
 When the reality of life and man himself (the mouintain) carry the spirit of Heaven inside, all things and all acts and all thoughts possess dignity, creativity and the beauty of 'being right'. They become of lasting value and will inspire coming times.

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