I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Wú Wàng, hexagram 25

Not straying from the proper course, unerring, being in the flow.

  Wu wang means literally not to thwart. Especially not to thwart the rules of Heaven, of nature, of ethics, of honesty. Connect your soul to heaven and nature instead of human matters. Live the fullness of a natural and open life, allow your soul to go deep and high, do not stay on the common road where everything is mediocre. Enjoy beauty and happiness, energy and love, so sorrow and fears cannot get a hold on you. Where everything is full of life, decay can find no place.


  WÚ WÀNG: WÚ (1) is a man exerting himself in vain against an obstacle. FE2195, [M7173], GSR106. Not, have not, lacking, without. 
WÀNG (2 + 3) is composed of (3): a woman and (2): a broken sickle (according to Li Leyi, see picture) or (enter into) a hiding place (Wieger). Still another possibility: it resembles ke3 permit (a mouth or womb with something in it) or bao: 1wrap or contain (a womb with a fetus, GSR1113), but here, in wàng, without anything in it: an empty womb, a barren woman. In those times a great disaster.
WÀNG: false, absurd, foolish, incoherent, wild, reckless, error, embroil, disorderly. (Lynn:) errancy. Kroll 2015: haphazard, frivolous, careless, inconsiderate, unseemly, errant. "Innocence" seems like a strange translation, especially because it looks like the opposite of 'guilt', but unerring is too strong, considerate too humane. Following the rules of nature (or universe) is a good guideline.

The trigrams: Below Heaven rolls Thunder.
Beings associate by not straying from the rules of universe. The ancient kings made use of lush growth in accordance with the seasons to nurture the myriad beings.
Thunder is the voice of Heaven within everything in existence. Thunder is usable energy. As long as you let this inner power express itself according to heaven's laws, you align yourself and your fate with life.

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