I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Lín, hexagram 19


  On old pictures one can find the All-seeing Eye. It is the eye of God (or Allah, Manitou, Universe, whoever), looking down to the earth. In hexagram 20 it is the goddess, the female aspect of looking down, hearing prayers and sorrow and joy. Here it is Law itself, seeing, caring, and providing what is needed. It is the head of the family, making sure everyone can follow his/her Dao and find his destiny. His ego is not involved, he is objective and severe and fair, and without limits. He is like universal law, making order for all creatures, organizing, sustaining life. Natural forces, storm and rain, wind and sunshine, they seem all merciless, but they support all life on earth. If the farmer doesn't sow at the right time, in spring, there will be no harvest in the harvest moon, the 8th moon.


   LIN: The character is composed of a man bending over (1), with a vertical eye (2): a slave, vassal or officer (GSR 377). Bending makes your eye vertical. And three mouths or objects (GSR 122). If they are objects, the meaning is class, to classify, quality, area, small, content, conceal. If they are mouths, it indicates a number of people one cares for. But they also resemble Ding (population, attendants or sound of wood-chopping) GSR833, L-LY64. Another old form of Lin shows connecting lines between the eye and the objects (a).
   LIN: oversee; be adjacent to; approach; face; overlook, arrive; be present, copy (calligraphy/painting), on the point of; just before; be about to, facing. 

The trigrams: Lake below Earth.
Above marsh there is earth, overseeing.
The noble one teaches and ponders inexhaustibly, he tolerates and protects the people without limits.

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