I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Dá Yŏu, hexagram 14

Great assets

There is a higher purpose behind your abilities, behind all gifts from Heaven. And there is a desire to respond to that higher purpose. Talents derive their value from the target they are used for.
If you use every talent you have as best you can, then you will attract the blessings from Heaven. Don’t expect Heaven to carry you though, its gifts come with the condition to use them and also use them free from egoism. The talents for living and loving are the really big ones. But small ones can also achieve a lot.


DA YOU. The upper character is a grown up man: big or great. The lower one is a hand: to have, to be, there is, to be rich, offer. Later a piece of meat was added (3), to emphasize possessing. According to others it is the moon, which resembles 'meat' very much, but the little diagonal lines are straight in the moon, and in meat they are not. 
In former times YOU also meant a good harvest, and DA YOU 'best year' or 'best harvest'. According to Wieger the oldest meaning of 3 was eclipse or phase of the moon, but the oldest form of you (2) does not have the moon (or meat).  
DÀ: great, big, tall, large, much, very, extremely, eldest, senior, an adult, to make large. 
YOU3: To possess, to have, to exist, there is, to acquire, to get, again.

The trigrams: Fire high in Heaven.
Fire high in Heaven: great assets.  The noble one by terminating evil raises good,  by yielding to Heaven relaxes in fate.

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