I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Shī, hexagram 07

Legion, leader

  Fight for your life, and make good plans. Look at the world and choose the best way to survive. When you are young, you can create the circumstances for a strong individual life. When you are old, you can defend your spiritual life against all attacks.
  Organize always all your abilities, so you can defend your boundaries. Great talents which have no rules will get wasted. But all the things you can or learned, your talents and abilities and assets – organize them, make clear rules and be a good leader. Have the guts to act worthy of yourself. Then you can defend your territory and make a place where you and your people are safe, happy and prospering.


 Shi1: The left part (1) is rolling, waving, but the meaning is not certain. In (3) there is another form of it, this time not at left, but on top. The part at right (2), is probably a banner, but it can also mean a skirt or turn around an axis. The whole character shi is written on oracle bones as DUI1 (4): testes or buttocks, meaning 'military'. Probably close to the meaning 'having guts' (Karlgren 543). Another possibility: a kind of ceremonial object (!).
 Army, multitude, division in Chinese army, smaller than the LU of hex.56, and usually there are three SHI, one at right, one in the middle, and one at left. The king often divines which one he should join. Military camp, big hall. Model, example, master, teacher, tutor, to imitate; a specialist (med., music, paint or divining), local administration chief, high functionary, superior in rank. Shi lu, names of hexagrams 7 and 56 combined: a body of 2500 troops.

 Hex.7 is not only an army but also 'organizing', especially talents and assets. The character Shi means army, teacher, to teach, master, tutor, a model or example, to pattern or model after another, and a specialist (especially music, painting, divining or medicine). For becoming a specialist, one has to organize knowledge and specialize like the divisions of an army, one has to be a good leader of one's own legion, which consists of knowledge, intelligence, talent and so on.
 When you get hex.7 unchanging, ask yourself if you are a leader of your pack. It may be your inner one or the group around you.

The trigrams: Water below Earth.
 Water in the middle of the earth: Legions. The noble one tolerates the common people and watches over the crowds.
 Water has no form, is open to any form it encounters. The one who can offer spaces to fill, has a large power, for he creates an army in his service - abilities, resources, helpers.

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