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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The image of hexagram 2
Kūn, pure yin

Trigram Earth

Trigram Earth
  Hexagram 2 has trigram Kūn, Earth below or inside, and also trigram Earth above or outside. Kūn is nature, or the masses, or the space where you live and move around, or the ability to accept but also to create results.

What does it mean, 'inner' and 'outer'?

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  The trigrams: Kun, the earth, just does what it takes. She accepts everything, organic or inorganic, and works with it. Proceeds it, nourishes it, arranges all creatures and objects around each other. Some will perish, some will thrive, but the earth goes on. Kun-kun: space after space, never-ending. She has no end or start, no goal or limit. She is strict and that way creates a balance which restores itself over and over. Things which strive to be perfect. Living creatures seeking health, water free to run, and sunshine free to enter. But even the darkest places she fills with organic and inorganic creations.

What does it mean, 'inner' and 'outer'?

  The old diviners gave this combination of trigrams a name: Kūn, space. When repeated, it symbolizes the endless expansion of the earth. She will not refuse any creature, she carries everything.

  The left part is a clod of earth or maybe an earth altar. Meanings: earth, native, indigenous, unsophisticated. The right part is the name of the ninth earthly branch with the meanings stretch out, explain, express. A picture of two hands stretching something. In many cultures a lightning bolt is drawn like this.
  The earth is the home of the ancestors and other spirits. Earthquakes come out of the earth and lightning often as well).

  The 'Great Image' says: The basic disposition of Kūn is female. The noble one carries everything with great generosity.

  Kūn is the contrast of hex.1, which is 'idea', abstract. Kūn is about practical reality, it means you should receive and nurture, or it can mean you will be received and nurtured. It is not a time to impose your will, but to accept and yield. Kun is dark and caring, fertile and wide. Its animal is the mare.
  The negative side of Kūn can make you passive or a victim of emotions, circumstances or other people's plans.

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  The earth lies motionless, time after time. Nothing moves, nothing lives. But deep in her darkness something is waiting. Patient, or asleep. Then the energy and the vibrations of thunderstorms touch her, and suddenly she is all over vibrant with life. Lightning, thunder, rain, they come and go suddenly, but a whole year of luxuriant growth has started.
   Day after day more life, but the earth herself did not change. She is dark, quiet and patient.

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