I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The lines of hexagram 3

  Laying out the pattern: lit. 'unravels the warp' or orders by means of the scriptures or codes/ uses statesmanship/ is noble through statesmanship.
  Line 1. Pan geng, turning round and round, can also be translated as: a rock, a pillar. But there is also another possibility: the name of a Shang king (see Harmen Mesker).
  Line 2. I owe the marital suitor to Bradford Hatcher.
  Line 3. To stop or: abandon, let go. Deer (lu) is a pun for great good fortune (lu). Attaining the throne in early slang became catching the deer.
  Line 5: For 'gao', in Wilhelm translated as blessing, see Harmen's text. Other translation: 'juice' is fat meat, or a region below the heart. It is also used like the English word juice, meaning spiritual energy and courage.
   Qi is cosmic energy. Jing is organic energy, it is the inborn essence and it determines the constitution and distinguishing features of creatures. Jing is "the internal river of strength", water containing creative force: like this hexagram of thunder in water.
  The first line of hex.1 talks about the dragon under water. This hexagram is that dragon, on the point of emerging. The character Zhun can also be used for 'spring', vitality, sensuality, youth. The trigrams are Thunder - the voice and the vital force of the dragon - under Water.
  There is an old Chinese song, the 'murmuring dragon' (thunder in the waters), it talks about the beginning of spring, when winter is not really gone yet.

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