I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Shenshu oracle published!

Shenshu soon in print

The Shenshu oracle can be ordered!

If you live in Europe, you can order from me.
Click image of book for more information
Download a sample of 52 pages (pdf)
Coming year I hope to be able to make it available through amazon US.
There will be three versions:
A hardcover book of 374 pages, with the 384 poems of the Shenshu and for every poem the translation and an interpretation.
With 150 black-white photos, most of them as a background across the entire page.
Many poems are based on interesting stories from Chinese history or myth. I added them in between the explanations of the poems.
Size: A5 horizontal: 14.8 cm. high and 21 cm.wide (5.6' x8.2')

Six pages of the hardcover Shenshu

Two pages of the paperback Shenshu

Same size (A5 horizontal) but 322 pages.
No photos on the pages of the poems, but with the same illustrations of the background stories as the hardcover version.
Price not certain yet.

Pages of both books


Stories of backgrounds

The third version will be an ebook

I will have it ready in 2019, but I cannot give a date yet.
Probably this spring.

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