I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

The land of Peach Blossoms



  Tao Yuanming was a poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) who was an expert in describing landscape scenes. He once wrote a prose called The Peach Garden, Taoyuan, which describes a fisherman getting lost while fishing.
  In the prose, the fisherman rows along a stream. Not realizing how far he rows, he suddenly comes across a beautiful forest of peach trees. Upon reaching the end of the forest, the fisherman sees a hill.
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  He goes ashore and enters a cave which passes through the hill. When he comes out of the cave, he finds a village on the other side of the hill. The land is fertile and the houses are tidy. People live happily and freely. His arrival startles the villagers and they all come out to see him, but they invite him into their homes and treat him to delicious food.
  The fisherman learns that the ancestors of these men had found shelter in this place at the end of the Qin Dynasty (more than 400 years before).
  Their offspring had continued to live in this isolated place, not even knowing what the current dynasty is. The fisherman stays for a few days and then heads back home, making marks along the way.


  Later he informs the local officials about the place.
  They send someone to go with him to find the village, but they never find it again.

  “世外桃源” originally referred to a utopia, or an ideal state of living peacefully in isolation from real society. Later it also came to refer to a quiet and peaceful place. It can also refer to a fanciful beautiful world.

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