I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

One question - many people - many answers

  This is a work is progress. It is an idea of Martijn: to interpret the same simple question for every line. It gives an overview of hexagrams, lines and omen-terms.

  "Yi, please give me advice, should I buy this house?"

A real example of a young couple which saw a very tempting advertisement for a house. They knew what they wanted, and this seemed like a dream come true. But they still had to see it, investigate its sturdiness, the spot, the surroundings. Everything one needs to know before buying. So they went there to look at it.

  Mom, worried, asked Yijing. Answer 22 unchanging.
 The couple saw immediately that the house, the place and the surroundings were all a disaster. The house was pretty but nothing else.

 Unchanging: no further actions necessary or useful.
It is what it is.

But usually there are one or more moving lines.
What does it mean - 'moving'?

  What if the answer had been 2.1-24?
  Or another line in another hexagram.
  Coming months we (Martijn and I) will make a short answer for all possibilities, but always one line at a time.

This list of answers n is meant for reference, as examples which are so simple, that they might be useful for other answers as well.

Below the lines in the hexagrams will be a link 'example'. It will take quite some time until every line has a link like this.

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