I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon

Hexagram 41

Sŭn, the empty cauldron

trigram Mountain

Gua Poem:
Decreasing inspires trust. Eminent auspiciousness. Without fault. Permitting determination. Fruitful to proceed probing. What can be used? Two platters are permitted to present the offering

The great image says: at the foot of the mountain is a lake: decrease. The noble one controls anger and restrains passion.

Hex.41 is complementary to hex.31.

  The character sŭn is an image of a cauldron with a circle indicating it's opening or inner space. At left two hands clasped together: clasp one's hands and to bow with reverence. Or it is a flat hand with the palm up or down, universal gestures of offering or protecting.
  The meanings of sun include decrease; damage; harm; lose, be mean/shabby, be sarcastic/caustic. But the text of the poem also tells about another meaning: an attitude towards another of coming down or looking up: meeting the other without any arrogance. Increasing the whole by decreasing the self.

  If you receive Sun as primary or related hexagram, Yi tells you to respect others as equals and sources of values. They are not more or less than you, being different means that they have talents which can complement yours. No formalities are necessary. Explore what you can accomplish together. Enhance each other's talents, create a whole. Do not take advantage of anyone, reward every help you get.

  The trigrams: At the foot of the mountain is a lake: decreasing. The noble one controls anger and restrains passion.
  The mountain feeds the lake with the water running down its slopes, the lake reflects the mountain and displays its magnificence. They respect each other and give each its due. Mountain outside defines boundaries. Lake inside is has a rich inner life.

  If no lines change: either the situation is such that you cannot do anything or change much about it, or there is no need for it and things simply are the way they are.

  If all lines change: this will be a huge task, it looks as if the entire situation has to be turned over. Hex.41 is not the opposite of 31, it is complementary. Maybe things are too one-sided, or the direction has to be reversed?
 (hex.41's 31 Affecting)

  Top line yang: Not decreasing increases it. Without fault. Determination auspicious. Fruitful to proceed probing. Acquire servants without family.
Trigram Mountain turns into Earth. If you are generous towards others, you will create your own group of loyal people. Blood ties are not of your own making, they happen to you. But a bond which relies on a kind heart, on love and compassion, on the ability to give and share, will bring happiness and peace to all involved.
(Changes to hex.19 Nearing)

  Line 5 yin: Someone's increase. Ten pairs of tortoise and nothing is able to contradict it. Eminent auspiciousness.
Trigram Mountain turns into Wind. When you master the art of decreasing, it will spread wide. It will not only enrichen your own life, but also everyone you meet. They will be able to show their true character and create genuine relations. It is the core of friendship, love and trust and even peace between nations.
(Changes to hex.61 Inner truth)  Mirror

  Line 4 yin: Decreasing one's afflictions, and sending the message swiftly brings joy. No fault.
Trigram Mountain turns into Fire. Make others want contact with you. Clean up yourself, be tolerant and clear – nobody wants an arrogant, rude or smelly friend, neither an insecure or grovelling one. Make yourself your own best version and it will shine on your surroundings as well.
(Changes to hex.38 Squinting)  Mirror

  Line 3 yin: Three people moving, then the rule is decrease by one person. One person moving, then the rule is one finds a friend.
Trigram Lake turns into Heaven. Every connection or structure has to be based on the solid rules of Heaven. Without that it will lose its balance and crumble. One of the laws is that every part can rely on its own strength. Only then every part contributes to it. When a third party joins, there is already a structure of two, and there will no balance of powers.
(Changes to hex.26 Cultivating the Great)  Mirror

  Line 2 yang: Harvest: determination. To set things right: pitfall. Not diminishing, increasing it.
Trigram Lake turns into Thunder, new energy, change, decisive moment. Don't let your ego or someone else make you forge ahead, but find the right time. Intuition will tell you how to find balance, where nothing will get suffocated but also nothing will go to extremes. Be a guide for others and yourself, not a boss.
(Changes to hex.27 Nourishing)   Mirror

  Initial line yang: Personal affairs, swiftly proceeding is without fault. Consider to decrease it.
Trigram Lake turns into Water, expanding boundaries. Do not become a slave of yourself, of your duties or wishes. Do what you are good at, but know your limitations, delegate when there is someone you trust and who has the knowledge and skills.
(Changes to hex.4 Ignorance)  Mirror

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