Trigram Xun, Wind or Wood. The name is a picture of a table with seals on it, the kind which is bestowed to a subject as token of his authority to speak and act in the name of a superior. Humble, yield, mild, submissive, insinuating, penetrate, resign (-throne), calculate. Wind’s gentleness and submissiveness is also its power: it is relentless, can penetrate through tiny cracks, taking its time. Wind knows no boundaries, often works invisibly in the background. It is the movement of the mind, which can inspire or destroy, create or obsess.

When Wind is below or inside, it has to do with your inner blueprint. The forces which shape your mind and body and lay your character into your actions. The way you can influence or be influenced. Your curiosity and your ability to reach others mentally. You can communicate and accommodate without compromising yourself, and you want to know all about yourself and everything else.

  When inner Wind is out of balance, it can make you irresolute. You bother about details without seeing the whole. You keep seeking, both inside and outside, without looking at what you find. Nothing is ever good enough.