Trigram Xùn, the inner blueprint or 'seal'. Attribute: Wind or Wood.

  Xùn is a picture of a table with seals on it, the kind which is bestowed to a subject as token of his authority to speak and act in the name of a superior.
  Fengwu, “wind thing”, is the scenery typical of a place; the atmosphere, the law (core, secret) of things.

  Xùn: humble, yield, mild, submissive, insinuating, penetrate, resign (-throne), choose, calculate. Wind’s gentleness is also its power: it is relentless, can penetrate through tiny cracks, taking its time. Wind knows no boundaries, often works invisibly in the background. It is the movement of the mind, which can inspire or destroy, create or obsess. Xun has a direction, the character also means choosing, and that way it gives things their unique soul. The lord who carries the seal can only act in that vein, he cannot go counter. He 'chooses' his destination.
  Your seal is what you really are, your true nature, even going as deep as your species. Xun directs your life in a powerful way, even though it works with gentleness. This gentleness and relentlessness connects it with destiny and fate. You cause a large part of your fate yourself, through your choices and direction, your 'xun'.

 When Wind is above or outside, you are a good strategist. Even when your actions seem just small insignificant steps, they add up to lasting and sometimes big results. Don’t try to make big gestures, your strength is your perseverance, gentle but thorough. With Xun you spread your ideas and influence others.

  When Wind outside is out of balance, you cannot make reality of ideas, you are curious without implementing the information, you cannot follow through. You exaggerate balancing, making things topple over.The atmosphere can be overwhelming and make you run away.