Trigram Gén, ward off, tough, straightforward. Attribute: Mountain.

  Gén is the reality you stand on or create or feel, it is all things dependable and strong. The mountain seems passive, but don’t underestimate its power of presence and its power to stop things. Mountain relies on what has been and has proven its value, and evaluates what happens in case it has to end.

  When Mountain is below or inside, it is often the reality right here, and your closest reality is 'you'. The way you experience yourself as a presence is your "I", who you are, what you do, your personality and your individuality with its boundaries. Contemplate yourself, is there anything which should end, which should be avoided or discarded. Inner stability solves many problems out there as well.

  When inner Mountain is out of balance, it can turn you into a Scrooge or make you stubborn and alone, not understanding others anymore. Or too severe for yourself or others, limiting your life.