Trigram Gén, ward off, tough, straightforward. Attribute: Mountain.

  Gén is the reality you stand on or create or feel, it is all things dependable and strong. The mountain seems passive, but don’t underestimate its power of presence and its power to stop things. Mountain relies on what has been and has proven its value, and evaluates what happens in case it has to end.

  When Mountain is above or outside, the lower trigram expresses itself in accord with the properties of Mountain. Or your surroundings demand it. Mountain outside is the way you experience yourself, but also the outside world, as a solid presence with definite borders. It can hold you back, but you can also use this practical time to accomplish solid results. You can give or receive trust or security.
Another very important meaning is Mountain's "warding off" quality, the kind which is practised in Zen. Hexagrams with Mountain above tend to stand higher than daily life, they stay aloof or look down in a detached way.
  Mountains cannot be moved, they are obstacles. But they are also the reason of the fertility of the valley. The clouds which move over them, get pushed up and lose their rain. The mountain wears down and the water brings soil and minerals down with it. Be like a mountain, strong and severe, but also generous to the world around you.

  When Mountain outside is out of balance, it can cause either you or your surroundings to be too severe or stubborn, rigid in their demands, or immovable obstacles.