Trigram Kan, the strength and danger of what has no form. Attribute: Water.

  Kan is the fear of unknown danger which may come on your path. Its essential character is streaming. Moving to an unknown future is scary, but it is also comforting, thanks to water a hurt will move into the past. Water stands for fears, insecurities and risks.

  It is also the power to give a shape to things you can only guess, or which come into being. It is the power of the soul with its unfathomable stuff you cannot imagine with your conscious brain. It is the huge resource in the depth of clear slaking water. Closing it off can be a larger risk than to let it come to the surface or to let it sweep you along through rapids and gorges

  Water is very strong but follows every crack and dip of the earth. Its speed can make it jump over obstacles or even remove them, but its calm way is to rise until the obstacle is no obstacle anymore. It doesn't try to define a goal, the Way of Water is to follow the directions of Heaven and the space of Earth and to let them decide about the path. Water can help you find your destination by accepting its flow. In the form of rain it stands for intuition, as mist for fear, loneliness or vague hunches, clouds can obscure or disclose your insight or feelings. The moon means emotions, love, a woman, appearances and cycles.

  Trigram Water is above or outside, you search for the road. In #5 you have to wait for Heaven to tell (or let) you where to go, in 8 you have to order and map the world. Deal with obstacles, deceit or obscurities not by fighting them but finding a way around them. Don't focus on your goal but on possibilities which open up. Rely on your wits and intuition rather than on logic. You have a large heart, strong empathy.

  When Water above is out of balancecan turn you into a victim of circumstances or manipulators because you don't trust your own guts or because you rely on emotions which have no relation to your instincts. It can make you gullible to deception or too suspicious.