Trigram Kun, acceptance and the power to (make) grow, the open field for sowing. Attribute: Earth.

  Kun means you should or can receive and nurture, or it can mean you will be received and nurtured. It is not a time to impose your will, but to accept and yield. Kun is dark and caring, fertile and wide. Its animal is the mare: strength which can surrender. The mare who roams the earth has no 'wish', she runs and lives and fills the earth with creatures. Kun can mean a tough fight for survival, or experiencing the bounty of nature's fertility. A world you have to accept and explore, a world which supports all creatures. For both you have to know its rules, the rules of survival.

  When Earth is below or inside, you find yourself in a situation you accept, or maybe have to accept, but where you can bring about results. Where you can grow by using and developing possibilities, resources or ideas. One of your strengths is acceptance. This time is about tending to your inner space or the space of those in your life. Let ideas grow into reality, give everything the space it needs, withhold judgment.

  When Earth inside is out of balance, it can make you lazy, too placid, giving in too easily, a victim of emotions, circumstances or other people's plans.