Trigram Qián: cosmic order and powerful perseverance. Attribute: Heaven.

  The laws of Heaven give life its power and endurance. Heaven regulates the time and listening to it gives you the right timing. Then your life, your body, your mind and your surroundings will be in accord with Heaven's laws. Heaven's animal is the dragon. The dragon constellation, which moves around the North pole, is like a huge clock-hand, indicating the seasons. Look up at the North pole and you will see how the entire cosmos turns around it, everything moves according to Heaven's law.

  When Heaven is below or inside, it has to do with your own structure. Of your mind, but also your body and life. You feel it as your conscience, your sense of patterns, rules and harmony, your motives and you power to persevere and to be a leader. Heaven exceeds personal values, it talks about the values of humanity, of hero's and legends, courage and dedication. Everything which answers to Heaven is grand, carrying the big values. Heaven inside is the core of meditation: being one with universe turning around its axis, but free from action.

  When Heaven below is out of balance, it can make you egoistic, cold, criticizing, stubborn or ruthless, dominant, overbearing, too rational or theoretical. It can give a false sense of importance.