Trigram Qian, Heaven. The laws of Heaven give life its power and endurance. Heaven regulates the time and listening to it gives you the right timing. Then your life, your body, your mind and your surroundings will be in accord with Heaven's laws. Heaven's animal is the dragon. The dragon constellation, which moves around the North pole, is like a huge clock-hand, indicating the seasons.

  When Heaven is above or outside, the lower trigram expresses itself in accord with Heaven's laws. Or your surroundings demand it. Heaven exceeds personal values, it talks about the values of humanity, of hero's and legends, courage and dedication. Everything which answers to Heaven is grand, carrying the big values.

  When Heaven above is out of balance, it can be someone or surroundings which harass you with these properties - or you are the one to overdo them. An excess of Heaven can make egoistic, cold, criticizing, stubborn, ruthless, dominant, overbearing, too rational or theoretical.