I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


between the first and second hexagram

 When you get a hexagram, and one or more of the lines are changing (they are old yang or old yin), you get a second hexagram. Some say, the second one indicates the future, others see it more as the future you make yourself, the good or bad outcome, depending on how you handle the situation in regard to the first hexagram. For me, the second hexagram more or less specifies the first one. To give an example:

 Hex.44, with lines 1 and 2 changing --> 13.

Line 1 and 2 are very direct action and contact. An influence of something very different (44) can be creative, but you should take care to stay true to who you are (13). Don't allow anyone or anything to make you forget your own path, your truth, your way of dealing with life and others, your own way of being a human being.


 Hex.44, with lines 3 and 4 changing --> 59.

Line 3 and 4 speak about emotions and decisions. Infuence (44) can be creative if you dissolve your (too narrow) personal opinions (59). Make a common goal, a common feeling. Be considerate of the other and her dreams, build a temple together and sacrifice to higher things than personal wishes.

 Hex.44, with lines 5 and 6 changing --> 32.

Lines 5 and 6 have to do with mind and spirit. In that realm it is important that you follow your own course (32) when being influenced by someone very different from yourself. Stay true to the wisdom of your heart.