I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun

Mirror 33.2-34.5-43.5-44.2

(complementery to 19.2-20.5-23.5-24.2)

About possessing

 33.2 Shackle it using yellow ox hide. Under no circumstances will it be capable of getting loose.

 If you possess something, and it is important to you: HOLD ON TO IT.

 34.5 Losing sheep at Yi. Without regret.

 Don't become a victim of possessions: LET GO, both of the item and of your fears of losing it.

 44.2 Containing fish. Without fault. Not fruitful to perform the Bin rite.

 Enjoy possessions, but being aware of when you need to LEAVE FREE

 43.5 Amaranth land. Very resolute. Move central. Without fault.

 When you need to have something: GO FOR IT.

 Theme of these four lines:
 About possessing and how to deal with it - your relation to what you have and to what you want to have.

 (Complementary to Mirror 19.2 about making your road an easy and relaxed one.


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