I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun

Mirror 03.4-04.3-17.4-18.3

(complementery to 17.3-18.4-49.3-50.4)

About finding the right track

 03.4 Like driving a team of horses, the marital suitor is proposing. To proceed is auspicious. There will be harvest.

 Do it right, fitting to the occasion and to what you want to achieve.

 17.4 Following with achieving. Determination pitfall. Have truth, go your road and use intelligence. No need to feel faulty.

 Don't rigidly stick to a goal, follow what your intuïtion and common sense tell you to follow.

 18.3 Stem-father's decay. There is some regret. Without big fault.

 Not everything can be perfect. Make it the best you can.

 04.3 No benefit of taking a woman who, when she sees a rich man, loses control of herself. No ground for harvest.

 Only connect with what is true.

 Theme of these four lines:
 Find the right track, the one which leads to your destiny, the road which is honorable and feels true to yourself.

 (Complementary to Mirror 17.3 about making the base solid, the base of your life, of your goals, of anything you do)


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