NEW and GOOD: 

A Big5 and Pinyin Version of the Zhou Yi, the original portion of the Yi Jing (also known as the Yijing or I Ching),  plus the Tuan Zhuan and the Xiang Zhuan (also known together as Wings One through Four). 
Bradford Hatcher revised this one, and is so kind to share it for free with everyone interested.

From Harmen Mesker I received the Da Zhuan text:

Download Da Zhuan Big5

Download Da Zhuan unicode

Comparing the Chujian Zhouyi with the Mawangdui test and the 'received' text
(this link directs you to Harmen Mesker's website)


Several people are translating the YiLin together. Harmen Mesker took the initiative.

Yi Lin, Jiao Shi's Forest of Changes

If you want to help, then please do!

mail to LiSe

Several texts

 If you want an extremely reliable text of the Yi, then go to , and get xici (= Da Zhuan) , zhouyi zhu, and zhouyi lueli (with the commentary of Wang Bi, but it is easy to see: the commentary is marked with a c). I also saw LaoZi, but do not know if it can be downloaded. 



Hexagram font by Connie Achilles, found on the website 'Lunar Logic' of Frank Fiedeler. Click here for the zip-file  If everyone gets it, we can use it in mailing lists. In the future I will use it in this website too.

Beautiful Chinese font. TSC UKai
Unzip the file into a directory (remember it!), then go to  C:\Windows\Fonts, click 'file' and 'install new font' and choose that directory. 
Then type ALL the letters, numbers and signs your keyboard has, uppercase, lower case etc. Copy them and put them below the first row. Select the first row and format it 'I Ching' (Connie's font). Now you can always find which key is which hexagram.