I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
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  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Sun

Mirror 17.3-18.4-49.3-50.4

(complementery to 03.4-17.4-18.3-04.3 )

About making a solid base


 17.3 Related to the big man, losing the small child. By following one obtains what one seeks. Harvest: determination about settling.

 Take care what you follow, it decides where you end up

 18.4 Wealthy father's decay. To proceed sees distress.

 Don’t mistake easy roads for good tracks

 49.3 Demand (or effectuate) that things be set right: pitfall. Determination: danger. When talk of skinning has gone round three times, there is truth.

 Don’t get derailed.

 50.4 The vessel breaks a foot. The stew of the Gong is overturned, his appearance soiled. Pitfall

 Don’t overstep your abilities Be careful, so you don’t get off the track.

 Theme of these four lines:
Make the base solid, the base of your life, of your goals, of anything you do

 (Complementary to Mirror 3.4 about finding the right track, the one which leads to your destiny, the road which is honorable and feels true to yourself.)


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