I Ching, Yijing or Zhou Yi
"Oracle of the moon": © 2000 LiSe

  Yi Jing, Oracle of the Moon


Trigram Mountain
trigram Fire

Hexagram 22

Bì, Flower Power

Gua Poem:
Appearance, expansion. Somewhat fruitful to proceed using a sounding rod.

The great image says: Fire below the mountain: appearance. The noble one has insight in many people's affairs without daring to judge in legal cases.

  Bì: the ideogram and the story. What does it mean for your question?
  This hexagram is complementary to hex.47

Top 9: White beauty. Without fault.
Value announces itself plain. It is easier to find truth, love or peace where things are simple. Lots of decoration is usually a sign of little essence.
(Changes to hex.36)  Mirror

6 at 5: Beauty at a hilltop garden. The bundle silks is very small, distress. The end is auspicious.
Do what brings joy to you. Don't look with other people's eyes, don't look for profit. Maybe it seems as if you have little to offer, but in the long run you will be valuable for yourself as well as for others.
(Changes to hex.37)  

6 at 4: Then energetic, then silver haired, then a white horse soaring up (then a shaggy - or longhaired - white horse). No bandits, marriage.
Show what you really are. Make-believe and macho work for a short time, but people will mistrust it. What seems less, but is true, will find belief and honor. And don't fix truth, every moment can have its own truth, live them as they come along.
(Changes to hex.30)

9 at 3: Then beautiful, then moist. Ever flowing determination auspicious.
Honor strength as well as beauty, action as well as relaxation, inside as well as outside. Only if both sides of life's aspects are present, one will live. One-sidedness makes rigid and vulnerable.
(Changes to hex.27)

6 at 2: Energetic in one's waiting-spell.
Waiting by letting time flow by is a waste. Waiting is part of life, so let it live. Or use it to restore your energy. Any part of life thrown away is a crime against life. Make waiting a beautiful thing in its own right.
(Changes to hex.26)

Initial 9: Energetic in one's feet. Abandon cart and go on foot.
Anything you do which is really you is beautiful and creative. Be wary of the danger of tools and examples. Every use of them takes part of your own doing away. They add possibilities and comfort, will maybe bring admiration - but people always long back to the good old uncomfortable days when life was still simple and real. Tools bring the accomplishments of today, your own creativity connects to the eternal sources. 
(Changes to hex.52)

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